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For me, I have an advantage compared with all the other editors out there. First of all, I have already been paid by our TV show. And I’ve made enough of an impact in the movie industry, so I expect my contribution to be compensated fairly. If I don’t get enough money, that is because I have a higher level of quality and I work with some experienced editors like the ones mentioned.
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We also have an established relationship with a big studio (MGM, Sony, Paramount, DreamWorks). Also, a lot of TV shows are set at our studio and are also considered to be quality, so we try to find the right ones for our projects.

What is the budget to make the film?

We have reached the first draft stage and the budget is about 300 000 euros. Basically the budget is about three to five million euros including the tax. We are already planning the next step, so we already have about 200 000 euros. We need to sell to some foreign distributors, and we will see how much we are able to afford. We have a very good relationship with Sony and DreamWorks, as well as with the studio in the U.S., but we still have to negotiate with the distributors in the U.S., because they are still a big business. These are all important matters.

What would be your contribution to our budget?

First of all, the sound mix, of course. We have a pretty good sound team with our sound engineer (Hajar Z. Al-Haj, for example), my production manager (Marcelo I. L. Moraes), and my assistant producer (Hector D. De Oliveira). We are also a member of a big association and we receive a lot of support and we’re very satisfied because we have worked with some of the most experienced sound engineers who are very good in the film sound. The sound mix is my contribution because I also worked with the sound editor, Mr. José Fajardo Martins, who has a very good track record with film sound editing. I also think it’s important that we contribute to the artistry of the movie: it’s part of a project in which you can feel the atmosphere and the feeling of the movie even if you do not know the details about the background story.

If we hit the right kind of funding level, we do have the option of shooting the movie as a single long-take, but for this we need to

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