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I can make good money. Do they make more money than you? Probably.

You probably want to be an artist. Most people have at least one or maybe two job paths in their life.

In terms of your career choice, if you want to be a good video editor, video editor is a really good opportunity and a good paying job.

Do you think making good video content and having the support to keep yourself healthy and to make a good living is a good career?

Yes. I love it.

You were asked this question two years ago. I was wondering how the answers had changed?

Well, I feel like it was really similar. There was a shift in what people were saying they would choose in 2015, and now I don’t think that it’s really a choice at all.

I do think that there’s a lot of people who are trying to get into video editing right now. There’s a lot of potential jobs out there and people are willing to work that hard. They just need some support.

I know it sounds like I’m just talking about a niche industry with a lot of bad press and a lot of people just not being able to make a living out there. But for the vast majority of people, it’s actually a nice opportunity.

People who want that kind of job are more likely to stick with it. They know they’re not on the street trying to scrape by. If someone’s doing it by hand, they’ve already got a goal in mind and the work is going to pay off. If you just quit and don’t want to work, and are having financial problems, well, that’s your choice. It’s not like you’re a victim. You were probably just not given the opportunity to make a living out of video editing.

We were asked if you would recommend anyone that might be interested in making a living out of video editing. I can’t answer it in a way that someone who doesn’t want to make a living out of video editing.

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Here’s one thing. There’s probably going to be these people who want to do this job. There’s going to be people who are not on the street struggling to make a living and don’t really even want help. But those are people who you want to help. But it all comes down to the choice.

The choice, as I said earlier, is to go into video editing and be productive and to have fun, or

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