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A: I don’t think that producers are as big as actors, but some producers make a lot of money. They are responsible for big television shows: they make money on their shows; they also make big movies, sometimes. And some producers earn their money on some lesser known television shows or films but the money they make in those cases is a tiny portion of what they make on shows like Battlestar Galactica. It’s the same with film: a lot of the money people make when they make music is not so much money, but it’s a big enough portion of that that their name can continue to be associated with the music they make. It’s no more than it was in the old days when the big names didn’t work until they had a record deal. The same happened when Walt Disney wanted some music in Mickey Mouse cartoons. It still does. People ask me, “Are you worried about your career? Do you see any hope? Is there any hope for you?” And I say no, but there’s always a chance for the people behind us. You’ve got to be really careful that if they put things on your record, if they put music on your record, that you will be able to find the next singer and find the next musical group that works better or has the same vision. There’s always a chance for the people behind us that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. We’re living by an old saying, “You’re never too young to have a vision” — that’s really true.

Q: The Beatles are famous for their talent and charisma. Are some musicians able to bring a similar energy to the table, or are musicians simply better at it?

A: The Beatles do something unique because they are so charismatic, but I think other musicians have it in their DNA to do something very special. They are still able to do a great job. But what I try to say is this: A musician can make a good record if he or she is a great musician, and that’s not impossible; I just think it comes with a lot of luck. Not all musicians are great, and I don’t blame people. There are lots of great musicians, but there are a lot of bad musicians too!
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Q: Your albums sound different from other musicians’ recordings. Is that a conscious choice?

A: For me, the sound isn’t a conscious choice. It’s just the way I do stuff. If I make a record without

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