Do I need a degree to be a filmmaker? – Modern Filmmaking Techniques

No. With a video production degree, there is a special certification called the CIPD (Certified Independent Producer–which means you can earn up to a maximum of $30,000 in annual gross income in 2014 if you complete a two-year degree). But that does not apply to short filmmakers, and even if it did, the current cap is $150,000 per year (depending on how long the degree is) and includes $15,000 for expenses. The amount does not necessarily go directly to a studio, however.

What is “short” about documentaries on YouTube?

The “Short” category is intended to give viewers exposure to emerging technologies, the stories behind the technologies and the issues they represent.

How long can video documentary clips have on YouTube?

YouTube is limiting video clip on YouTube to 15-second clips. The goal is to prevent YouTube from becoming a place where creators can upload too much footage by restricting the length of those clips.

What does the term “Vine” mean?

Vine, on its own, denotes a video on YouTube that follows the basic format (with some variation depending on the length of the video) of a YouTube video upload

Is it legal to use music in a YouTube videos?

No. “Harmonious,” the name of the website that allows videos to be uploaded for free, forbids soundtracks.

How does Vine work?

Basically, Vine is a video sharing app that allows users with accounts to add videos to their account, post to them, and share and comment with their followers.

Where can I buy a copy of the documentary?

The documentary will appear on the Web site of the U.S. Copyright Office, where online access can be purchased by clicking here.

Is this short film a documentary?

That depends who you ask. The short documentary is intended to be an education tool and has no claim to being a documentary.

Can I use the footage in my commercial production work?

Not without permission from the copyright holder.

What about this video clip of President Obama?

The Obama clip was taken from an early version of the story, a short but very popular documentary called Obama: A Year of Promise, which aired on the public media network PBS in May 2012. While the clip wasn’t intended as a documentary of any sort, the Obama clip was used on The Young Turks’ digital web series,

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