Can you work in film without a degree?

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Yes, of course! I worked for 15 years in film – I got a film degree from the London School of Drama. For a while I worked as a freelance film editor. Before that, I went to America, I did a stint as a producer on the ’80s cult series The Addams Family – and, because I was such a hardcore punk in those days, I did a stint as a music producer. But you still have to have a degree in film.

Can you do a career as a film editor?

Not at the moment, to tell you the truth.

Do you like working with film editors?

I like everything from what is called a documentary production to a graphic movie, or, the very odd, a documentary film with a director that was completely unqualified for it or had a very odd way of directing – so I am very keen to work on something that’s not just an editor. That’s what I’m looking for, a director, or a producer, or even a director that can direct as well. I’ve had directors who don’t do any cinematography. You don’t shoot with any cameras.

But are there things that you can’t do?

There are things that film editors can do. Obviously with editing, you have to be able to cut up a film or film it and get the best possible product out of it, if there is going to be a digital version of it, then the film editor has to know his or her stuff. You have to be a bit obsessive about the kind of look and quality of the film. If it’s going to be released on Facebook in real time instead of 35mm, then I won’t know my stuff. If I wanted to go and cut up a real film and just put an HD version on Facebook, then I definitely wouldn’t want to work as a film editor. That was one of my biggest concerns.

I really enjoy editing films – it’s just part of my job. You don’t want to be doing the editing of a real film – you are going to come across mistakes, people fudging things or making things look a bit awkward or that weird sort of thing. It is just part of my job that, if someone wants to use my film in some way, you have to understand the editing is my business. If they’re taking it and giving it a look that I can’t do, then I have a very narrow range of editing possibilities. It’s