Can short films make money? – Filmmaking 101 Training For Script Writing Camera Shooting Lighting And Video Post Production

It depends on a number of factors, of course, but the fact that it’s shorter is key.

This is partly down to the fact that long films would be too unwieldy for television, and this short format helps cut the time it takes to shoot. And also, people aren’t sitting at home waiting for something to happen in front of them all the time — they’re watching online, sitting at home, and often also on the phone, depending on what works best for them. With this low bar, there’s no reason television can’t make a decent bit for short films, as long as they put the effort into it.

But the film industry’s long history of struggling to make films for TV has meant that a good short story is something that may never happen on television. There’s a bit of history at play here — TV has traditionally been a much smaller medium, which means that a television drama has become much more reliant on short plays, as well as short shorts, to make TV (and even films). As such, there’s often no space on TV for a good short story. And this has meant that short films are often limited to being available through the small screens of the internet and the screens of other producers.

But, this also means that short films won’t necessarily be a big money making device, either. This is partly because the film industry is now so much bigger than a short story — and because TV is not a small thing, it’s just bigger. But this leads directly to the question (again): would an online video service such as WatchMojo be interested in short films as a medium (not to mention as potential funding sources, at large)? And the answer is: Yes, if its content is good enough.

Brent Musburger is calling Donald Trump a “jackass” over the Republican presidential nominee’s attacks upon a Gold Star family.

The retired FOX television host, 77, told his millions of Twitter followers on Tuesday the Republican presidential nominee had “no respect for this country” over his comments on “Fox and Friends.”


“This is a jackass,” Musburger tweeted. “This was a disgrace, and he deserves to be on a plane with his ass kicked. What a low light.”

“Trump deserves a plane. Who knows how old he will be when he leaves this office, or why he was on that plane,” he added. “He has no respect for this country.”

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