What should I draw ideas?

I want you to be creative, and you should be able to draw an idea on blank paper. What do I like about this idea? I am happy with this idea, I think it’s brilliant and I will follow your instructions.

How do I ask for help? I love you and I want to give you feedback on it, so do this:

Go to a drawing course.

Show your project, and how you will proceed without help.

Tell a story or a story with other drawings.

Draw your inspiration.

If you don’t have any experience in art, the easiest way to show you a drawing is to look into the idea with a big red square between the eyes. The point of your idea is to have a big red X in the middle of your eyes, so it’s a place where you can get inspiration as you are drawing.

How do I get help? I love you, I would like to help you, but you could find me online in my blog and ask.

I know the first step is how to find my ideas on paper, but if you do it for me, at least I will be happy and I will help you to become a better designer.

How do I tell my idea is the best one? I really believe in the idea I am thinking. I am not sure if it is good, or if I’m just using my own sense for drawing an idea and judging it. If I do, I will let you know here, by leaving a comment, a private message or if you like that.

What are my chances to get your idea accepted? I know that’s a stupid question and I’m sorry, but in order to be successful I have to prove to you why you should listen to my opinion, especially since it is based on your experience.

How can I reach you online? I am on Facebook as well as Twitter (@designer_mikael)

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Author: Mikael Kvartsmäki

Mailing address: kvartsm.fi, [email protected]

I need a quick design from you.

My first suggestion is: I’ll give you about 10 minutes time to draw your idea on an empty canvas.

After that, I will ask you for feedback on your idea. Then I will tell you what you are about