What should I draw ideas? – How To Draw Cars For Kids Black And White Adidas

Should I be an artist? I don’t know how to draw but what I’m good at. Drawing people who want to make things.

What do I do about my life? Who would you like to see me in a comic? My art is on my desk. Why don’t we work together to make it come to life?
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How can I help people? You can have fun creating. A lot of people are like ‘You can’t come to my house and paint my fence!’ But it’s like a job.

I’m a guy who makes stuff. I make some stuff that makes sense, I make stuff that makes sense, and I give others what they want.

What are you most afraid of? Fear of death. Death. Because without death people don’t understand each other, that’s not to say they don’t hate each other or care for each other. I think for me, you’re going to be kind of happy dying with your kids.

Why do you believe that you are a writer? Well, I write all the time.

Where do you believe yourself with writing? I believe I write just as well as anyone else who makes stuff.

Why do you spend most of your time reading about music, about music you know? I just read the whole article on my computer. What I can tell you is that if it’s good enough for my grandma, it’s good enough for me.

If you had the option to create a cartoon character what would you choose? I’d like to do a real-life, super-smart, witty, intelligent, funny animated character with lots of muscles. I think it would be great.

Do you have any idea of where you’re going to draw in the next five years? I’m in the process of trying to work on my graphic novel, I’m actually drawing the whole thing that is going to be the first installment in my graphic novel series called Cute Stories and Cute Comics.

What’s the last book you read? I used to read the Bible every day.

What’s the best book you’ve ever read? Some of the funniest ones I’ve read, like The Great Gatsby.

Does your dog play a role? I do. I have five beautiful, wonderful dogs that I adore and I want to share that with people. It’s fun making a game out of it.

What do you enjoy the most? I enjoy

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