What does drawing a pig say about your personality? – How To Draw Cars With Solidworks Tutorial Sheet

I find it interesting. The pig was a very positive character in the story. He had his dark side and I think I could understand what he was upset about with being the last pig left in the farm. I wanted to make him so expressive that I was like “That pig will be important” [laughter]. The main question for me was: how can I make him expressive? So I put a lot of little details where you could see his eyes and ears and I used textures to define the lines and the different areas of his face.

What did you think of the concept art?

I was excited for it. And I hope that it will be a great character in the show as I have such strong feelings for him. He is really special and the character is a bit sad and lonely.

And in this picture, he’s probably on his side.

I made a drawing of him with his ear on the middle and his face in the opposite direction.

The pig isn’t the main character, but his facial expressions are important. What do you hope for him to bring us?

I hope that he will bring the world in a better way and be one of our greatest icons. I would like it if we get a chance to see him in the world. It would be great to have him in the episode and in the movies.

How does it feel to be able to draw this character?

I don’t mind it! I always say: “The more important the pig, the less important I am.”

When did you start this whole project? Where were you living when you started?

When I was on holiday I had an opportunity to stay in Paris. You have to travel in France sometimes for a lot of work, and I had an opportunity to stay on this little island. [Laughs] I think that I did a lot of work there for a long time so it gave me a chance to stop doing sketches of the character.

How’d it start to go from that to drawing the character? I hear the word “art” thrown around a lot when it comes to comics and comics-related art and I would imagine for you, that had a very different meaning.

Actually, I’ve always been a fan of comic-book art. It seems I’m able to draw this character just because of working and working on it. I like the characters that you always see in the comic-pages so I wanted to

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