What do I draw when I’m bored?

This is a tough one because no one is saying “when is this going to be the end”. But I think the current level is good. People are starting to get the idea the genre is evolving and the market is moving.

The thing is they see the movies that came after it as being bad. They expect the same things to come in two years. And when do they expect a movie that people are going to want to pay to see?

You know, when is a movie going to be a critical favorite when I see a movie that’s been around for a while and it isn’t just being viewed on Netflix? When is that going to actually be a box office hit, when I see that and I think “wow, that’s gonna make a lot of money,” instead of “yeah, that was a nice film.”

Are there any of the recent sequels/prequels that you’re particularly proud of?

If you look at some of the things I said earlier, you’ll see that’s kind of the problem. People will say “Oh they’re good, it was a good movie, but they were terrible. I’m not willing to give this other film any recognition. I hate these people’s movies.”

Right! [Laughs] You’re right. I would love to have that in-depth conversation, but I’m not gonna’ do that.

What can you tease for those of us who aren’t fans? Or anyone who doesn’t know what a horror film is?

I think what’s nice about horror movies is that there are so many. This should be the end of a lot of them. It’s kind of like there’s a movie-goer with so much room on their movie screen, that if they want to get scared, it’s really easy.

There’s a great movie called The Babadook. It’s a horror movie that’s made for very little money. It’s just amazing. The one that comes to mind right now is Wes Craven’s Scream. It’s just such a perfect horror film. There’s just no better movie than that.

But I think there are some movies out there – this is going back to the genre for a bit – that we’ll probably see in two or three years time with a good sequel coming out.

And I don’t know if those movies are really going to be horror at all – horror is just the subgenre. Because people are so scared