How do you sketch a car for beginners?

I’m very aware of what people ask me when they meet me and I do a lot of research about how exactly they approach a car. I know exactly what it’s going to take. For the most part, it’s not hard and I tend to stick to my guns on that. Because I don’t want to get overwhelmed or confused. I’m definitely not going to give up as soon as I get a car, but I want to have at least some sort of car that I can feel myself in and I want to start off with something that’s not too hard.

What about cars and motorcycles?

I don’t mind what I’m riding. Any car, even the cheapest one is awesome. The thing that drives me crazy is when I ride a cheap car and a $12,000 bike. I get all this money and now I have to work my ass off to be able to afford my car. It pisses me off so much. I would never sell my car because of this. I love the feeling of sitting on a street car and the way that I can feel myself in it. The difference is that with a bike, I can see where I’m going but I can do my own job on the bike (so less worry about not being able to see what I’m doing).

What can you do if a car breaks down?

If I have a good car that I ride to work then I feel like I’m making more of an effort out here then any other day or if I’m in a crash I’d feel like taking a trip to the store. It depends; it could be a week-end break but it could be something more. If my car breaks down I would just go right back to work and keep riding.

What about being in a car when you’re not on top of it?

I don’t worry about that. If something happens to you or your motorbike it’s kind of funny. If it really happens and it was a freak accident and you’re in a car accident and your vehicle crashes and doesn’t stop you from driving on the highway and gets you seriously hurt, I would really appreciate any advice you could give me on how I can avoid that. I’ll have to tell you that I went off I-5 a few months ago and it just blew over my shoulder. I had an accident with my car that wasn’t the best. I would really love some advice on how to help me avoid that.