How do you draw Yoda Easy?

Well, for me I’ve never drawn him. It feels different to me. But if you look at it, he kind of looks very similar. Sometimes I’m like, “Okay, I’ll draw another one!” And then Yoda usually comes up like, “Is that a good one? Or is that a good not-good one?”

We are talking about an easy-draw-Yoda.


The reason is, I’m drawing so many different types. Like, for example, in one case — we’re talking about a character who has this long beard and in another case, the character is a girl. So I always kind of draw a lot of different types of characters.

Was there a day you were drawing a character and it just didn’t work out?

No, it was always good to just keep going and keep drawing for as long as you can. And, like, I’ve never seen the bad end from that — ever.

The Yoda in the movie, he was very big, very imposing. What was that like to work on?

That was very, very different from anything I’ve ever done in my life. I never had any concept of doing something like that. As soon as you start drawing, you realize that the character is going to be more than two steps. That’s why you have to start slowly.

I’m glad you let me answer that question.

You might want to ask Yoda what he thinks.
Drawing car wheels in perspective - Car Body Design

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

The Miami Heat were still on the clock when Chris Bosh underwent a major back surgery in late June.

With the 2015 NBA draft looming on Friday evening, the team didn’t waste time before moving forward with the process.

Via the Miami Herald, James Johnson confirmed the Heat were not going to wait until Friday night to begin evaluating and developing players:

With this draft having gone from a week ago to a week ago, players are still in limbo, wondering how things might proceed following such fast moving times in one’s life. This is more than a week before the July 1 2016 NBA draft, so this is not a sudden shock to those players that are already in the mix.

With all due respect to the potential impact this change would make, these names are not currently on the Heat’s roster.

There are multiple teams who are interested in the Miami Heat’s 6’9″ center,