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To make Yoda Easy, you will need to use a different method than you use for most other drawling animals. First, create a character named “Yoda” in Adobe Illustrator, then open up “Inspect Tool.” Now, go to the Yoda character and right-click on it and go to “Draw” and choose “Paste.” Now open up your new drawing with the Pen tool and use that. Now let’s get our Yoda back to normal shape.


To do this, drag your newly created Yoda shape and apply the layer mask, making sure that your first layer has its color at zero. In fact, I would suggest using the same color as the first layer, and then applying that layer’s mask and transparency with the layer mask, and then just drawing on top of that color.

Now we will need to turn our character around. Open up the “Drawing Tool” again and go to the shape you just saved from previous steps. Here is where the magic happens. Right-click on that shape and use the “Paste” button to convert it into a new Vector Path. (This is different from the “Import” function. You want to convert the “Import” version into a “Vector Path.” The “Import” function is for converting imported shapes to a single path.)


Once your Vector Path is imported, you can simply move around your newly made Yoda. Simply drag your newly drawn Yoda shape and it’s position to where you want your Yoda to go. You have now created your first Yoda drawing.

Congratulations, you now have your very own Yoda Character.


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(Note: This story has been updated throughout.)

It was time to head home, though they knew they would be gone for a while.

The night was hot and windy, and the city was full of people and cars. Most people made their way to the beach, a massive and beautiful thing, but one of the main reasons those in the middle-class had decided to make the long trek, to the edge of town, was to enjoy the night-time ocean breeze.

It was a shame they couldn’t see the ocean.

Not because of the wind, of course, but because of the weather! Just a few people could barely see it through the buildings, and those in the middle

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