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How you draw a house, a tree?”

“We just look at it and figure out what it looks like.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s a labor of love.”

The design of the building was inspired by the street names — “Souza Street, O’Hare, Lincoln Park. . . . and we thought, ‘I guess we can just take these and start there’ ” — and “the layout of the building is inspired by the structure itself” and “the architecture is not a result of any special effort on our part,” he says.

So the building will have a broad public realm — not many blocks. Instead a single large entrance will bring people into the building, the entry that the museum will occupy.

“We try to keep the building in balance,” he says.

Some streets will be open to the public, while others will have the museum to itself. These “gateways” are where the art will be displayed.

“There’ll be a lot of art and people and places that are part of the neighborhood for generations.”

The latest evidence of Russia’s attempt to interfere in the United States presidential election comes from a new study from the Institute of International Education. It finds that more than 300 colleges, high schools, and universities in the United States are on Russian-controlled lists, often in violation of their own policies to uphold neutrality.

The institute’s report comes two days ahead of the second anniversary of the 2012 coup d’état against Ukraine’s democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych. Russia has been accused of helping the pro-Russian rebels who seized control of the Black Sea region this summer.

The State Department issued a list of Russia’s proxies, including the European Jewish Congress, a New York organization that sponsors student activities “focused on the promotion of European culture and the Jewish heritage in Russia”, and Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow — an office that is the latest target of a probe into alleged campaign collusion by Trump campaign officials. This week, the FBI said that Moscow was behind a malware campaign in several US electoral maps that could have altered the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

In its report, the institute cites a July 7 Washington Post article showing that the National Endowment for Democracy is sponsoring educational programs and events in Russia, and its website links to a website run by the US Embassy that purports to explain the “American approach to the Russian Federation.” Another US agency identified in the institute’s report

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