How do you draw realistic lips? – How To Draw Cars 3 Crash Scene Reversed

I know if I was a cartoon artist I could draw realistic lips, but they’re never realistic in practice. The only realistic drawing is a cartoon drawing. You draw something for a cartoon that looks like a real person. If you’re drawing a cartoon artist you’re not trying to look very realistic. So it’s not even necessary to draw them realistically to have a realistic lip. You can do it, just as I said a cartoon artist could. They’ll look more realistic, if it’s realistic and you have the right tools and the proper skill and training. My advice would be this: If you have a cartoon artist try drawing them real. There are other things, if you can make them look real then it’s a lot easier. If you don’t, then you can draw it realistically and get a lot of points: that’s OK. So if you can do it, go for it.

The last question, which is about the technical aspects that relate specifically to animation, is this one: “I’d really like to use [the tool] [BAMF, as he pointed out] more than just in traditional 2D but I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s even possible or if I’m ever going to get any results with it.”

How can we use it in a 3D game? I don’t have a 3D game in mind at all and I don’t think it could even be used in one. If someone has an idea on a 3D game that they want to run then I would love to be able to create and animate them with it. But if they have ideas of their own then they’re free to do that.

I would say that even if the tools we have for the first person perspective look like a cartoon, the ones we have for 3rd person perspective don’t really, because there’s no animation in the first person view – so it’s something I’ve just been experimenting with.

[If you’d like a great video that shows how to animate a character in a 3D environment, go check out How to animate video games]

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