How do you draw hair?

I mean, is your style something that’s really unique for you? Are you just drawing hair for the sake of taking it home? Or is it something a bit of a hybrid between a traditional stylizer and a bit of a stylizer? What is your personal style?

The beauty of that is that if you want to draw a lot of hair it’s easier to think of some type of hair-based stylizer. And if you’re working on comics, there are lots of people to tell you what you should draw and what you should draw. Or to keep an eye on the comics you draw, because it’s possible to draw a lot of hair-inspired stuff and not lose sight of who the character is or what the character wants.

What I would say is that if I get so frustrated with the drawings and feel like something is missing or something that shouldn’t have been drawn, and you can just look around and say, “I don’t understand this. I’m just getting frustrated,” that’s when you’ll see all the hair.

I’d say some combination of both. A combination. And there are a lot of great artists who draw a lot of hair-inspired stuff, and there are a lot of great artists who draw very few hair-based comics. [Laughs]

I want to see you draw some really cool hair-based style art. There’s a great video that you uploaded today of you working on a pencil sketch of Captain America (and this is your first Marvel job!), and it was amazing because you put it all together using an actual hair cutter.

There’s an opportunity for a lot of really interesting style styles. It’s a lot of fun to draw. I find it’s really hard to draw good hair on pencils. There’s just too much hair and not enough line. I always think that. But when I get to use something that’s like two different styles on the same line … you can use all the different hair that you want.
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And if you get a good stylizer on the job … yeah it’s something else. Maybe it’s like a penciler from a comic where some of the facial features of the guy and everything — all the facial features of the guy and all the facial features of the character just aren’t there. Sometimes, with me when I’m using a stylizer, sometimes it’s a little bit of the stuff that you want to see. But sometimes the stylizer is doing it all themselves. That