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We just thought up the idea the other day in a game of Dungeons and Dragons, but we wanted to take the idea to the next level, which meant we needed a good turtle that looked like a real one.

Franklin was originally a chicken — a duck. We tried to make him look like a duck, but it was not working. We just went with this new turtle, a white turtle, and it’s working. It’s actually quite nice. Actually we didn’t take too much time on him, because we thought in the end he was going to be a baby, so we just added it in all at once. It actually looks just like the white little duckling you see in the video and the text of the video:

What is your favorite turtle of all time?

I am really fond of the one you see in the videos. The one in the video is a white turtle; it’s the one that came out of the water. Frank the turtle is a red turtle, the one with the long, red tail, which was supposed to come out of the sea. It’s definitely a red one…it has a white head with red eyes and a red beak.

“We just thought up the idea the other day in a game of Dungeons and Dragons…”

What’s your favorite creature from Disney movies but haven’t yet drawn?

We really like The Princess, especially the whole “beating him up” thing. I actually actually tried to draw that with an arrow and then a spear. That was definitely going to be a big deal. If you go to the video, it’s a really cool thing, but it’s hard to do.

What’s the last great Pixar film?

“Cars” was the one and it was a really big thing for us.

What have you done with your time between being a cartoonist for Walt, Disney, Pixar and Warner Bros?

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I still draw lots of things, some pretty cool stuff. I would say that about a month ago I got in touch with some of the people that run Disney Animation, and they wanted to talk to us about some stuff in the pipeline here, which was really awesome.

If you look at the films for the last few years of “A Bug’s Life,” “Toy Story 3,” “Toy Story 4,” “Cars 2,” “Finding Nemo,” “Brave” and “Frozen” — those were all really,

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