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I must be an idiot.

I feel you should draw all the characters in your novels with no other thought.

No one in the world has more confidence in his art than I do.

The most difficult part of the translation of a novel is to make the character speak properly, to make the language come into his head.

To be a poet is not for the faint of heart.

A good poet begins a poem by having a vague idea, which he hopes will become clear in the course of his composition. He begins this way – He dreams he sees his friend sitting on the couch, looking up, his face expressionless, and he thinks, “I will be in love – but it won’t be with this person.” “How do you know?” he asks, and the answer is that he sees that they do not meet, and that he is going to sleep in peace – so it is, he knows, and will not be there to wake in the morning or to see them again. He can’t do this, because the idea has already been made up for him, but he is determined to go on writing poetry.

What would I like to have done with my life? All my life – I would have loved to have been an Englishman, as I really am.

In the first days after our arrival he wrote to me, by which he meant: “I am coming to you. I am come to you. I was not able to see you in the place you were expecting to see me, because I had made up my mind when I set out to write this book that I was to write it in America”.

The work of the poet is always in his life: his life. The poems are in each other.

What’s the meaning? We were going to send him this work I was making up in my head, but my life didn’t want to get in the way. Perhaps he is right about that. But he was coming – I had to write it – and I said to myself, “Let’s see if he’s got any chance to write that.” But it didn’t work out so well. This is why I said to him: “I have the worst feeling about this. I have thought about it, but I can’t write it. I have to know what it will mean – not because I hate it – but because I know what it will mean for me – a failure. So I had to write

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