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[Sighs] Dear, why is it you’ve been silent for so long?

Have you been reading?

[Sighs] Yes, I tried to read.
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[Exits. The curtain falls.]


[Gazes at one another, shaking their heads with suppressed anxiety]

What is she doing? Why do they think she is a madwoman?

[Besides one another, some look in fear at one another’s faces, others at each other’s eyes; the general gloom, which has been growing over the place ever since the end of the siege, now grows more intense.]

Why did the old man come?

[Some of the prisoners shake their heads at one another, but no one gives a reply. One man suddenly stands up, holding the paper the old man had been reading.]

O! the paper is very bad.

[Goes to the bar and writes.]

We are all very sorry that poor old man passed away. He was a most good-natured man. Had he lost his life, and in this place, he would be an old man right now; and one of my comrades said yesterday that there is such a thing as good manners. It is only a bad custom.

[Kisses the paper reverently. The prisoner continues, reading:]

I know the old woman you have been reading my papers to!

[Sighs. At the same time cries out to the audience:]

What! Do not laugh!

[Cries out again.]

You have not been able to keep your promise. You promised that no one would kill us.

[Cries in alarm.]

We must die.

[Shakes his head.]

I cannot have it. You have taken your oath; but why have you not kept your promise?

[The audience stares at the prisoner, who listens in silence. The curtain falls.]


[A prisoner comes out of the cell, carrying a basket.]

A man of the Court asked me yesterday whether I was prepared to give my opinion concerning the trial of the Grand Inquisitor. I thought I should give him an answer, but what I gave would be false. As to my opinion concerning the whole of it, I will not be sorry it remains a mystery; but

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