How do you draw Deadpool?

“My wife tells me things happen. And he’s just a guy. So I think I can relate to him.”

How’s the film adapting to a younger audience?

“There’s so much stuff that’s going to be new. It’s about getting that tone back. I feel like the biggest challenge for Deadpool is to get back to that old-school feel. In the first one there was a lot of the ’90s stuff – or the ’90s stuff, even in the first one. That’s been replaced, and I’m kind of doing the first one backwards with Deadpool and it won’t be for a couple years, but there will be something new for me with the [DCP] universe. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what I’ve got going on. I haven’t had the chance to go into as much detail. I’ve only been working for like a year and a half. So I’ve been kind of doing it slowly. But I’m excited about where they’re going and they’ve been able to do so many cool things, and it will definitely be a lot of fun.”

Is there any concern that you might miss out on some laughs?

“If I missed them, I didn’t really miss them. They’re there. They’re out there. We get it. They’re here. We just want to try to live in the present.”

How many people are in the cast?

“This will be our first time working with any of The Mercs for Money.”

Does it feel like more than just one guy?

“Yes. It’s not just one guy but a lot of people and they’re all connected. When you’re working for the studio, they have a huge ensemble. They have a lot of people to work with and they want everyone to get along and you can kind of feel it in the background. You feel like everyone’s working well together – that’s something that we’re focusing in on. That said, there will be a couple of people I don’t work with as much as most people do because their schedules are kind of different. But we have a bunch of Deadpools. Even though we’re just one cast [in the film], we have a lot of people.” – Josh Brolin

What did you think it would be like to return to a character you played onscreen for over a decade?

“Yeah. It would have kind of felt like one