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It was just about a five shot story in the way Deadpool fights the X-Men on the streets of Chicago, but all in good fun. I got so tired of writing Wolverine for a long time. We’re in a similar situation on this. I started making a list of all the X-Men I’d like to see fight in a story that’s in a very long way to the end of the last storyline‚Ķ and Deadpool has to be one of them.

Is there anything that you have in your head that could potentially happen in this next arc?

Well, as I mentioned before, this is a book set up for the next one. It’s definitely time for another one. We have a great team up planned for Deadpool. It’s going to be awesome! Also I love the script for this issue where we take a look at Cable’s parents and that sort of thing.

And finally, you were part of the X-Men “Ultimate” crossover “The End of Days” back in 2012 and you also drew the two-part “Days of Future Past” crossover last year. What have your thoughts been on this year’s “Secret Wars” and will you be taking part in this year’s Secret Wars event? Let us know in the comments!

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This year’s Summer Music Concert is the debut of the popular anime series. The first set of concerts will take place on July 7, and the other shows on July 9, July 12 and July 14. The show will be held at the Tokyo Grand Hyatt in Akihabara.

The concert will show the anime’s songs that will appear in the upcoming television anime series. Bandai Namco plans to release a soundtrack CD for each concert. The CDs will also have songs to commemorate the anime’s anime festival.

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KOMO reported that a man named Michael Brown was shot and killed in West Seattle by a Seattle police officer Monday evening in what police believe was a case of mistaken identity — though some who know the man believe he may have pulled a gun on the officer.

Seattle police say another man, 24-year-old Kevin Reddick, was identified by witnesses as the person who confronted the officer after the shooting and was

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