How do you draw Deadpool?

You have one of the most amazing and diverse lineups and you’ve got characters that are very much in your wheelhouse. I have to question your ability to create that character because his origin is so different than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is it a case of, ‘We can’t show him? Fine, but this is a character that exists at all.’ Or is it a case of you don’t like the origin he comes in with? I don’t know. I haven’t been around the comics for a while, so whatever the case, you have these characters that are so diverse, it just doesn’t seem like you can keep them straight. But the show really wants to do that kind of thing. We really liked the idea of him. It’s not an origin with Deadpool. It’s a story with Deadpool. When he makes his movie he’s not a comic character.” – Robert L. Smith, writer, comics writer.

“From his early days, you can tell he is in a place where he’s very dark and very sarcastic. He’s a character that is very easy to love. He was also very funny. It seemed like he would be a very funny character. He was always very kindhearted. We saw so many little moments in the pilot where he would kind of say, ‘Hey, this is really fun!’ [Laughs] I was like, ‘Do I want to watch this?’ I actually felt like I would like him to kind of stay behind in this superhero world of his own.” – Michael Gaydos, co-creator of Wolverine. “We kind of made the choice that we want to explore and show Deadpool being Deadpool and living Deadpool’s life a lot more than we would have done in any other Marvel movie.” – Tim Miller, co-creator of Deadpool.


“We didn’t put any real restrictions on how we could do something new. In our mind we’re just giving Deadpool a life. We feel very lucky with that, because what would happen with any character if they started making movies and were only on the X-Men franchise for a while? That’s the scary thing about Deadpool. You can tell he’s been living his life for a while, so he might not be able to handle the change when you tell his origin story and do a movie with a big budget.” – Tim Miller, writer for Deadpool.

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