How do you draw cars? – How To Draw Cars Easy Step By Step

What’s the process for you? I think a good method is that you try to identify where the car sits and go ‘Ah, that car is on the left of this car’. It’s one of those things where you can’t really help yourself but you can try and look at where you put the car down. If you keep trying to do that, you’re always trying, but then you start to look for opportunities where you put the car somewhere else. Once you start doing that, you feel a little more intuitive about it and you don’t have the same problems you had doing it with the pencil [for a pencil sketch]. You can just get a feeling for where it’s sitting and get it back onto paper when you’re done. I started to use it for more drawings. I was a visual learner at first, but I started to get used to it and do it right. [Laughs.]

How much did you practise? I practised only one or two days a week until I moved to the next studio. Sometimes I practiced three days a week. I found that as time went by, it made sense, and I started to do it more often. [Laughs.]

How much time was spent on the physical drawings? I used to draw by hand. I was doing a lot of drawings by hand when I worked in Japan. I just wanted a more natural way of drawing for the drawings.

Where did you learn your techniques? I did it in Japan because I wanted to do it. I wanted to draw something very organic, maybe a tree, and I wanted to use this new system. I think I came up with a lot of my own techniques. I remember the first day I was there, I had a drawing that I had never drawn before. I tried it on three different occasions. It wasn’t going well at first but after a few days, I realized it wasn’t so difficult!

How did you go about creating the car layouts for X-Men and X-Force? I drew in these notebooks. The pencils are on paper, because I had to draw the covers with pencils, and then I drew the layout so I could keep all the detail. The pencils go on the paper, so I would draw the layout over it and keep all the detail. When I drew the X-Men and X-Force cover, I tried drawing in pencil. I was drawing the covers with pencils so I could keep all the details but I was worried about

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