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What happens when a zebra dies? How many different kinds are there? How do they relate to each other?

The zebra has so many zebra types – there is something for everyone and they all live in the same area, but they have their own personalities and characteristics. They have their own ways of greeting or greeting each other. Some zebra are shy, some are outgoing, some are territorial. There are a lot of different zebra-like characters. However, it is a zebra that is both the symbol of love and peace and also a symbol of strength, bravery and determination (or so I’m told).

In this show, the characters are divided into 8 groups based on their zebra types.

Group 1 is a group of the cute and the brave – the zebra in their own home. You can see the groups of zebra-types in the show, with different colors representing other zebra types as well.

Group 2 is a group of the quiet zebra-types, these animals are usually found in a forest. You can also see the groups of zebra-types who are shy or not comfortable in social situations.

Group 3 is a group of the aggressive zebra-types, these animals are found in a zoo or in the wild. Again, these animals are often in groups because it is natural. They might be in a situation where they need to be a bit unpredictable, they might have very long and short hair, and it is only if they are provoked for a little and feel threatened, would they go into an aggressive outburst.
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Group 4 is the most peaceful group of the zebra-types, the zebra-types who live together peacefully in their own house, in a small, tight enclosure. The zebra-types living in Group 4 probably do not have many close relationships, although they might share some food. In fact, they spend their whole lives together. This is what can make them so calm, but a peace-loving species, I think you will agree!

Finally, there is Group 5 which is the most stubborn group of the zebra-types. They are probably called the zebra with an extra ‘z’ because they feel more like a person or a animal. They are really stubborn. They are not likely to have many close relationships. This group is very different from the above groups although they live in a zoo setting and can even have babies, though these babies have to be fed once a

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