How do you draw a turtle?

Do not ask, you are just an animal. You have no brains for that,” said the turtle, who was then brought on board The Big Lebowski in this summer’s The Big Lebowski .

He later told reporters at the time that he was “a great friend of Mike [Wyatt] and [director] Todd Phillips.” Both are now behind bars.

The next day, he was gone again, this time after the cops raided his apartment in Los Angeles, where, as previously reported, they found marijuana and LSD, a small revolver and two guns, plus a cache of drug paraphernalia.

They also brought in a woman to take a polygraph test, which they used to check for any incriminating text messages from the film star with his wife. They said she failed the test.

A spokesman for Hollywood’s Sheriff’s Department told The Daily Beast that they haven’t seen this situation being used to investigate other people—such as the star—in the past. “They look at it as a criminal investigation,” he said.

But the real stars in this story are the two cops in this story, who are now in more trouble because of the drug-dealing and murder in Los Angeles than they are over the real-life Lebowski.

And if you don’t believe my sources, here they are: Two detectives from Hollywood PD were arrested after a long, weird investigation and will almost certainly be fired, while the deputy on the Lebowski case is still standing and, with the exception of one night he was fired because of a gun, is still on the job right now. But it would be a safe bet—at least for them—that he is on his way out as well.

For his part, Wyatt is now being sued and trying to clear his name.

The suit was filed by one of his former deputies, the one who first called the cops. The deputy, who works at his old precinct, claims Wyatt had nothing to do with the case and called the cops only because another deputy told him to.

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But now, as our sources told us, both of the cops were taken to jail after being arrested by a few of their colleagues at the office as a result of the alleged crime.

One of the arresting officers said, “They gave me a lot of warnings, but we decided we didn’t want to go after a guy who has no job, money, no contacts at all.”