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I start with a piece of cardboard so I can use what I’ve got and then I’ll draw what I want to have.

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My life is a lot easier now and I’m not so stressed about stuff.

About 40 people in a bus on the highway near the Iranian consulate in Bangkok, Thailand, on Dec. 5. (Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM, AFP/Getty Images) Story Highlights The group will attempt to climb down the structure and then fly another flight

China, India and Malaysia are among countries concerned

They want it to have a Chinese flag or something more official

BANGKOK — After a string of terrorist attacks here, Thailand’s government is preparing an attack.

Chinese and Indian diplomats are set to lead a group of “people’s security experts” to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, this week, seeking to climb two high fences on the highway that run in and out of their country’s capital on an attempt to fly a flag that would show Chinese influence in their land.

There are two high fences on the main road, called Highway 67. While the Thai military controls access to the border, the other two fences are still under the control of the Chinese and Indian foreign ministries.

The group, led by a former Chinese foreign ministry official and former Indian ambassador, will begin the trek Thursday, but there is no indication what the flag will be or how it will be flown.

The activists are concerned about an attack or attempts by militants on their country. They have said that they would like China, India and Malaysia to put flags flying on the fence at the border and then fly a third plane to say, in effect: “We’re sending a clear signal to these terrorists that we have the same policies as you.”

They also say they would love to visit other countries, such as North Korea or Iran, but aren’t sure if those countries would allow their flag flying.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters the group is free to visit any country if it wants to.

“If the United Nations Security Council wishes to issue an open invitation to visit us, we would definitely consider the offer of visiting to our country,” Hong said. “But at this moment, we are working on the arrangements and would have no comment to make at this time.”

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India’s Foreign Ministry said it has not received any such invitation yet.

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