How do you draw a truck for kids?

Why do you love playing and drawing cars? What’s the biggest challenge you face as a child?

When I was a little kid I liked playing with trucking and playing with friends.

My dream would be to become a trucker… it would take some work, but the payoff is worth it. I have no problem doing it, I love the work and I’ve spent some time studying what a truck driver looks like.

I do love being a dad, it’s nice to have something for kids to do, the whole concept of raising children is so amazing, and I think it’s even better than as a parent.

What is your favorite piece of art? Has there ever been a project that you have put in your “To Do List” that wasn’t something you wanted to do?

I have lots of art books. It isn’t always what I want to do!

What is one project that you absolutely cannot do in the future? If you could, which would you do first?

That question is too loaded. The answer is, never.

Why do you like drawing? Would you do any other things? Why?

Drawing has its positives and negatives, with its ups and downs.

The positives are that I learn so much every single day and I always have something fun to do and I get to put ideas in my head!

I also get to draw and do what I like!

When I’m on a project I can’t figure out a solution, I don’t know what to do, or how to end it. If it’s a concept I get inspired by, I think of a cool way to use it on the illustration I’m working toward, so I do that.

I love being outside and making some fresh air, drawing has its own special way of relaxing me.

What are your goals for the future and are there any projects in your “To Do List” that you would love to do?

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Now that I’m older and have more time, I want to travel, work on my own and create and sell my own art books.

What are you working on now as far as art goes?

I’m working on a children’s book series I’m really excited about. Right now in my head its named “Someday I Will Be A Big Boy”. It’s all about the journey of a little boy and his little sister through different stages of their