How do you draw a tank?

What happened when I drew a tank?

How do you build a tank?

(Also I will update this post when the game goes live. It’s still in development and you know how that goes.)

For those who have questions or want to know more about the game, read up on a little lore.

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This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

The Death Guard is an infamous and ancient Space Marines Legion that has survived the millennia since their death millennia ago. They are the masters of the Deathwatch, the largest Chapter of Space Marines in existence. The Death Guard are the only Space Marines Legion that is no longer a mortal Chapter; they have transcended the natural limits of mortality in order to be reborn. The Death Guard are the most powerful and deadliest army in existence,[1a] and with a mere twenty Space Marine Legions they can take the world as their own.[2]

In the wake of both Chaos and the Dark Gods, the Death Guard retreated to their mysterious homeworld of Istvaan III. Their homeworld has been the source of constant warfare for millennia and the Blood Angels are forbidden from directly fighting there. This secrecy has meant that the Space Marines have never been able to completely understand what the Dark Gods of Slaanesh and the Ruinous Powers of the Warp have planned for Istvaan. A thousand psykers have been deployed to gather data on the Warp from all corners of the galaxy. As many of the most powerful Eldar (known as the Knights of Luna) serve as the Death Guard’s psychic overlords, the Blood Angels have taken great difficulty in attempting to fight their way through the Warp.

The Death Guard is a multi-faceted force of nearly infinite potential. The Legion is renowned for their strength of character and resilience to trauma. Many of their warriors hold an extraordinary degree of mental control and concentration and are incredibly intelligent, often leading squads of Space Marine Chapters to the pinnacle of military achievement.

The Death Guard were gifted with the ability to resurrect fallen heroes who die on countless battlefields, but some have claimed that these warriors are not the product of an even greater power than the Gods themselves. Those who carry this belief of the Death Guard believe that some beings dwell beyond the stars and are responsible for the death of every sentient being. The belief is that some unknown being is holding them captive and taking their souls back to the Warp to feed the