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I don’t know but I wanted to have all black and white and I wanted her to look young looking and I wanted her to look sexy.

How was this shot? The main challenge was creating a female character without looking like an animal. The challenge also went beyond just being an art director or a photographer. It’s like how to portray an interesting character, especially when it comes from the opposite sex. I tried to portray something as realistic as possible. I drew her as if she was a young girl in a way that she looked like a 16-year-old girl. Her hair is just a little bit longer but not excessively so. It’s definitely a girl, not a man, and the face looks a little younger than a normal 16-year-old girl with an orange complexion.

Why did you want to make her look young? I wanted her to be somewhat cute, but at the same time, I wanted to maintain her young appearance. The main challenge was creating a female character without looking like an animal. I wanted her to have a personality, and at the same time, a very attractive image as well.

What do you like to do in your free time, in your free time? I like drawing. I like writing stories and creating art. I like watching movies and TV shows. I just do whatever I want from my free time.

What about your hobbies are you into? Shooting fish, writing, reading comics and watching movies.

Do you prefer writing or drawing? Drawing because it’s a more natural thing for me. If something is difficult and you have to work hard, it’s easier to draw. Also, writing lets you focus on something, it’s better to be present and at the same time to put forth your thoughts.

What is your favorite author? I love reading, especially when it’s by a talented writer. And I actually read a bunch of books every week. I read about 90 to 100 books. A few of the authors that you will usually hear about are J.R.R. Tolkien and Jack Vance. I also read a bit of Edgar Rice Burroughs books and some science fiction stuff, maybe some fantasy, maybe a horror.

Most importantly, I also like books for teenagers, for children, and adults who are looking to understand what the world is all about. I like them for that reason.

A very interesting interview from the ‘The Darkside of Night’ interview:

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