How do you draw a tank? – How To Draw Car Design

-The concept for a tank is an area that is large enough for the tanks to fit, the side walls are a solid piece of wood, and the front and sides are panels of wood, that will be covered with a thin piece of plywood.

-The panels for the tank will be built in a simple manner, the first step is to cut the wood panels to length, and then assemble them, then glue the panels together.

Pin on Pencil Drawing
-The plywood is glued in the following way, first to ensure that it’s stable, then it is put onto the wood which the plywood is glued on, finally the wood is put on top. In this way, the panels are made in one step, the first piece will be glued on, the next piece will be poured and put on, then the next piece will be poured and put on, and so on.

-The only additional work that is required to make the tanks is adding the floor, then the walls, then filling them with the liquid from the water storage bottle. This is done in the following way:

-A small piece of plywood is put to cover all of the sides and the bottom with the wood panels and the top with the material from the tank, then a layer of foam is put over the top, and finally the wood pieces are glued to the top, and the plywood is glued to the bottom.

-The tank is ready, then the wood filling should be poured and filled with the tank water and the liquid put in (the amount depends on the size of the tank).

-A small hole will be drilled into the bottom of the tank, and the liquid poured through this hole. When you put the foam over the top, the foam will cover all of the tanks, but it will not fill the hole.

-This is how the tanks should be filled and how to finish the filling.

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