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It is just a toy.

“The first few drawings I made with toy gun were quite successful,” he says. “I realized I can’t come up with a good solution for this type of thing. A simple toy gun won’t work. I just saw an answer that sounded good.”

So it was that he decided to try applying his new concept to the real world.

A Simple Gun

He spent months creating the first prototype and then refined it over the first two years until “the final design can be seen,” he says.

He’s now a part of the team that’s working on the M-16 rifle, which is part of the military’s current rifle lineup.

A simple gun is not a complicated piece of work, he says, so it’s a good way to show an abstract concept.

“If you think of it as a toy, it’s probably not a bad idea to use a little design idea to get people’s imaginations working a little bit faster.”

Cannonball’s Gun

So far, he has two versions in the works, which use the same plastic components.

One uses a single cylinder, and the other has two barrels:

If there are multiple cylinders combined in a single gun, why not combine the barrels?

That’s what Cannonball and the team at Cannonball Gun Project are trying to figure out.

His team is trying to figure out how to get a single projectile to work across multiple barrel lengths without breaking into pieces.

In one video, the cannonball is fired, and one barrel is used to shoot a projectile from one cannonball to another.

Cannonball’s Gun is a collaboration of about six artists and engineers, including Tom Anderson, a former engineer at Lockheed Martin.

The video shows the “cannonball” being fired, not fired.

Cannonball Gun Project

The M-16 rifle is also a collaboration with four artists and engineers. They’ve made a “machinical model of an action figure,” says Anderson.

The M-16 rifle is being tested and evaluated to see if it will be an operational rifle. But Cannonball’s Gun plans to work on it.

“We want the [mACHINICAL MODEL] to be able to fire from one cannonball to another at the same time, without breaking down,” says Anderson. “We’re building what is called

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