How do you draw a ship? – Simple Cartoon Car Drawing

If you were to have to, what would you do?

I would actually go to a shipyard and draw what it actually looks like. That would be like trying to imagine the shape of the ship, so you can see how it moves and the lines. Then I would try to see where the lines of the ship break down and maybe try to come up with how you would go about putting in the parts that do break and get the ship ready to go out there.

That’s a lot of work…

It’s a lot. There’s a lot of time spent on it. I don’t get paid for it, so it’s all up to charity.

But I like to draw it anyway! I’m not really a good sailor, but I love to draw a ship so I try.

That’s something that I’ve definitely seen in your work and really enjoy doing.

I have a lot of fun doing that. Even if every single detail is perfect, if you’re just doing the lines and the shapes, some of it will get lost. You’re going to have to put in the things when you’re doing the animation, so that is always fun.

What do you find you get out of the process of drawing a ship?

That’s difficult to say, because there’s such a big difference between drawing a human being and drawing a ship. What kind of things you can do and how far you can take that, and some things you could never do. At one time I didn’t really have that skill as well as I’m working on now. I would never have had that skill back in the days when I was drawing, like at the beginning of the series, but with the time I’ve worked on it I’ve done a lot of things where I never thought about it.

You can’t see in the episode when you do the background for the ship.

Right. In fact, in the actual thing we do for the ship, we actually show it with a 3D scan from a camera in a 3D scanner, but it doesn’t actually show in the actual animation. We have the animation and we do a digital scan, but the thing that you get is just the shape of the ship from drawing, because we can’t actually see what’s in the 3D scanner. I mean, the scan does say it looks like the ship, but we have to get the scanning right.

The final thing is, as

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