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A car with a big rear end. It has to look sexy. It has to be fast-thinking. It has to work like the front tires would on a big highway. It has to be something the drivers can be proud of.

What are some of the biggest things you’re trying to emphasize in your design philosophy?

Speed: You want to keep the car to a very fast limit. At this point, our race-oriented design philosophy is about not having a whole lot of mass on the car, and it’s working to that goal.

Power: The goal is a little bit different than a race car. We wanted to keep it as lightweight as possible. We’re not trying to push our cars at 200-plus miles per hour. We’re not trying to push the boundaries. It will be a low-power car for the extreme track days that are typically used on racetracks, where no more than 150 horsepower per car was going to be allowed. We want to limit the power to what it can be.

A “high school” in Ohio is using the power of bullying to keep students in line and has posted the names of “bully’s parents” on the walls, and a number of the victims are black.

The town’s public school’s principal has resigned following the “bully culture” at his school in Youngstown.

The parents of the victims posted the names in an open-ended, “What’s in your kids’ mouths” post on a school bulletin board last week in response to threats by other students.

A teacher was also targeted, and his parents posted their own names and photos on the walls, where they continue to live.

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A picture was posted to Facebook of the principal of the Youngstown High School being physically attacked with a wooden paddle.

The principal of the high school is resigning after he was attacked with a wooden paddle… — Brandon S. Gold (@TheBrandonGold) December 17, 2017

More than 80 students at the high school attended the post-Christmas party at which the principal was physically abused by the students and his family.

The principal is an African-American man who joined the teachers union in 2015.

The “bully culture” exists in high school classrooms worldwide.

In June, a female teacher in Oklahoma was caught on video making offensive comments towards students, and in

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