How do you draw a Mustang?

The problem is you can never draw a Mustang, you can only draw a Mustang car. It is just a design of the engine and its surroundings which is drawn from this perspective. The original concept from 1957-1959 was from the fact that the car is built around the engine. The first Mustang looked like this

A few years later in 1958, in the same year, the second car was in the process of drawing its concept. It came from the fact that the car is driven in the same direction as the engine, but from this perspective. To take a car and create it from this perspective as the designer is not the same.

How you draw a car with a very simple design, like the Chevrolet Bel Air?

Here is a car which is very simple, very crude, from a design perspective, it is all the same as we saw in earlier car models, it is not a true car but a concept. Here is a car from a very good perspective. It is a Chevrolet Bel Air from 1958, it is a great concept, it is not a true car.

When you look at the image from the front, your eyes can see a lot from the angle, the car has a lot of details on it. There are a lot of details and this is the point. When you draw a car in space from this perspective, you are able to change the car, but the way you draw the car is from this perspective. That is when it is really a good design.

We all can make up our own designs and have a good one. It is a good thing that the concept is always a great thing to have and it is always better. But when we have the concept, or we draw one, we are not able to change the car at all.

There was a designer of Chevrolet, Bill Wender, who designed the first Chevrolet Bel Air. He made a car which was very basic, but for a very good reason. It was an attempt to come up with a concept with minimal details.
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We could put a lot of details in the engine, and maybe a lot of details in a lot of other things and maybe even make the car look good, but the car can never be changed. So, Bill did that. A lot of people loved the concept. But when the car was made, it only had one car seat, the steering wheel, the dashboard, everything.

At the end though, Bill Wender made a car