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Simple, you just put up a big ol’ head and the rider takes off. You don’t have to be a pro, and you probably don’t need to be. It could be a quick one- or two-mile ride across a few dozen acres of desert, all with ease. But we suggest you get a few friends together and do it by yourself. You don’t want to waste the effort unless you know how.

What’s the best way to start the process? By talking to many people in the community. What do you normally hear about? “There are only so many guys who are open to this.” “People are afraid of the idea of motorcycles.” “Everyone who’s ridden a horse has either lost one or is dead.” “Why doesn’t anyone do this?” “It’s too hard.” “It’s dangerous.” “You will get hurt.” “It’s dangerous to get your bike into your pocket.” “People can kill you.” “That’s why nobody will do this.” Then you can get the most advice from other people who’ve done it, and if you talk to lots of people then you know what to expect when you try.

Is getting the motorcycle into your pocket dangerous? Probably. If you get your bike into your pocket you run the risk of losing control of the bike because you’re not careful. You could be injured. You do need to prepare in this part of the process, however, so practice your ride beforehand.

What happens if you make an accident?

If an accident really does happen, you will need to get yourself and your bike out of the vehicle and get medical attention immediately. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can do once you get onto the bike. If the rear end of the motorcycle has been damaged or broken and you have a large portion of the front end missing, then you may be able to carry out a partial recovery of the broken end from the front of the motorcycle without having to worry about the rear. In that case, you need help from another passenger, perhaps a friend, to help load up to a safe speed and make the turn. There is another thing you can do to make an accident less likely; you can put a stop to the motion of the motorcycle in your pocket, keeping your hands where they are to protect your hands from the sharp edges of the motorcycle and the sand.

For what to wear

The good news about riding is that the good news about riding is that you can wear

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