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Easy, easy, easy. I’ve always thought that a Mustang was going to be just like the Mustang I grew up on, or more so. And that’s all it really was.

I’ve always had an eye on trying to create my own vision of a Mustang. It’s why the GTS is something I loved a lot when it comes to Mustang styling. But I wanted something that was also unique and had a special, almost retro look to it. The GTS was really an extension of that. It’s more of a throwback thing than a modern day car.

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Did you have any particular inspiration or inspiration as a car designer, even just the cars that you designed that you were most fond of?

You know, I always loved cars, and always look forward to new models that I’ll want to buy. That’s how it goes when you’re a kid. You kind of look forward to the new thing and you want to have it soon. Sometimes it doesn’t happen. It’s not good for the wallet or the mind to wait until the day you want to buy it so that you can save the money. That’s how it goes.

And some things are best left on the shelf. I don’t believe in waiting. Especially with things that seem very interesting, like a Corvette. For me, it’s a car that’s in the future, the future is a little beyond your time frame so you might as well wait longer and save up a little bit more than you would if you didn’t want to have it.

Are you currently working on another car? Any plans to make a Mustang?

I’m working on a few projects at the moment. You know, I’ve always liked the Mustang. We’re going for a new look now, with different colors and a new interior. And if I have a car or other projects, I’ll put a little more emphasis on my work with that, if not Mustang stuff, at least something that fits my personality. I’m more of an artist than a car person.

What’s next on your agenda? Do you have any plans or plans on going back to school or doing some freelance work for you? I’m sure you have a lot of ideas as to what that might be.

Yeah, I’ve started a few freelance projects as well. This past summer, I did three different books for a little bit. A little bit of a book for someone that had one of my books or something

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