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That’s what your eyes aren’t telling you. You need eyes that are seeing things in a way you are not…You are just letting them see things…They are telling the world what to do…” ―Sara

Sara, commonly believed to be the daughter of the legendary llama sage Zoot, is the first of four protagonists in the Legend of Zelda series.

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Sara is the daughter of the legendary llama sage Zoot and the second of three unnamed children of the Biggoron’s Tree in Skyloft. As an infant, she is taken in by her mother while they sleep in the tree. She then follows her mother to the mountain town of Gerudo Valley after they return it to its former glory, at which point she sets the city on fire and fights with the Goron warrior Ruto during the battle.

Spoiler warning : Plot or ending details follow.

Sara later becomes a member of the Gerudo tribe and grows up on Gerudo Valley with her parents during the events of Skyward Sword and her first appearance as the main protagonist in its sequel, Skyward Sword: Spirit Tracks. At some point, she and her mother are kidnapped by the Dark Link of Skyloft, who later rescues them. While the villagers are in mourning over her death, she discovers the spirit of the Gerudo sage Zoot within her, and the three set out into battle to reclaim a portion of Skyloft from the evil that lurked within.
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Sara and Zoot eventually defeat Link and the others once more, and return Link to the real world with the help of the spirit. Although she is shown to be grateful and proud of her efforts in the battle and is also shown to hold her parents to high regard, the other inhabitants of Gerudo Valley are extremely prejudiced towards Zoot’s descendants. When she is introduced to Zoot and the three siblings, Gerudo Village is destroyed and the four Gerudos join the Hero’s Trial and aid the Hero in defeating the Dark Master.

In Skyward Sword, two years after Skyloft was destroyed, Sara’s mother takes her and six siblings to the temple in the Skyloft Mountains to begin their training under the sage Zoot in the Sacred Tree of Skyloft. The three siblings have to defeat and defeat various Ganondorf minions in a series of trials in order to complete the Tree of Life. The trials eventually end

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