How do you draw a llama? – Draw Car Tutorial

A llama is a big guy. Do you think it can get very old.

SARAH: Well, if you want to give it some time, he would.

[In one scene, Sarah’s mom goes into labor while standing in front of a big picture of her husband sitting on a chair. She can’t move forward. She falls forward, right into the picture of her husband.]

[On the other side of the screen, a little girl is in a car and holding the car door open. A man is standing in the passenger seat, who is a policeman]

SHENNY MAN: You want me to take you to the police station and report that?

MAN: Okay, sure, I’m sorry.

SHENNY MAN: That’ll cost you. That’ll be $2.60.

MAN: Thank you. How much do you pay for a policeman?

SHENNY MAN: Well, this is the car, sir. You are a nice guy, you will not be charged for that.

[Woman is holding a young boy as they cross an empty lot. She is running in the other direction.]

MAN: Hey, that’s my little boy. He’s got a dog. He’s scared to death.

[A short time later, two policemen run across the screen from opposite directions with a gun in their hands]

SHENNY MAN: Are you crazy? I’m a policeman. If you are going to do something stupid, don’t go around pulling people out of cars. Do you understand me?

[The man pulls away, leaving the woman in shock.]

MARGO: [To Sarah] Look, you know, this is just so frustrating. I mean, how long can they keep a llama from running on the road?

SARAH: Yeah, I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

MARGO: If they make these llamas drive on the road, there should be a law that says that everyone should be able to drive a car. Because that’s how the world’s been going, you know.

SARAH: Oh, really? Well, if you like it that way, well, I guess that’s fine.

MARGO: If you want something for nothing . . .

SARAH: Oh, God. . . . Oh, God!

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