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If you’re John Waters’ brother, Michael, take your little sister (the actress who plays his mother, Mary Beth) on one of your trips to Morocco. You can find it near a place from the new film of ‘The Lion King,’ the first movie from his children’s series, The Muppets.” (No, seriously. He’s not joking.)

The Muppets’ new director, Chris Moore, is a huge Muppets fan and a man of the people. He’s so beloved here he is known as “Bubbles” in the animal kingdom. If there is a Muppets documentary at an airport, Moore is likely to be there, to help the traveler fill him in. This will be the third Muppet film he’s directed, starting with ‘Masters of the Universe,’ which is one of most beloved of the series.

And how about your favorite TV show? I could just go on for days on this one. In fact, I’ll be a long way from the computer and my desk when the Muppets come to town later this year — this October. The Oscar-nominated ‘Winnie the Pooh’ is just one example of the Muppets’ appeal.

“I like it when somebody does something that everyone else doesn’t,” Waters said. “When somebody does something that is just very, very special. ‘Muppet Babies’ is that. That’s how I know that we are an amazing, big, strong family.”

So let’s enjoy this magical winter while it lasts.

“Muppets United” opens October 13, with all six films opening in theaters nationwide on October 26.

I’ve always thought it wise to be polite on the subject of public restrooms. It’s one of those situations where I can’t really speak on my own behalf, which often leaves me feeling like I’m being patronizing; it can often leave people asking questions about the circumstances, and a little rude (I was once asked about my own choice of toilet while I was eating dinner by a college student in front of friends).

However, at a time where men have a serious fight on their hands to not let women use the restroom that makes them feel like it’s a private space instead of a public space (and one where bathrooms are being forced into women’s bathrooms), I see no reason to be offended in the least. After all, I am one of the lucky ones who was born with a vagina,

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