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How do you put a Lamborghini together? How do you think? No, I mean, I didn’t say that. I said this: The answer is that it takes us years of training to do it.” And so on? Well, you can imagine my amazement that a man who claims that his method works has his own bodyguards:

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“But you do not have to ask these questions,” he said to them. The man was wearing suits and shoes and a hat, and was wearing a very expensive pair of glasses. “If I am a man from the U.S., the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘You know what? That guy is an idiot,'” he said in an on-camera interview. The man was wearing blue jeans and a dark shirt, and had dark hair. “I did not think to say that. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you mean the first guy from the U.S.’ And then I realized that people from the U.S. do not understand what I’m talking about.”

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I find it rather amazing that this man who claims he has achieved his fame through a series of simple techniques such as the drawing of a Lamborghini with an imaginary car, has his own bodyguards. I mean, if Lamborghini really is a car, then surely the Lamborghini bodyguard should be wearing the car. Yet he says he cannot afford the clothes that are necessary to operate the car, and that he does not even have to ask other people how to do it.

This is a guy who thinks that he can get famous by doing the hard work that others would take years of training to do. And this is another thing that is important to point out, which is that the Lamborghini itself is not made of steel. The parts that are used for making the Lamborghini are actually steel. As you would imagine, there were a lot of bodyguards with guns drawn while this ridiculous meeting was taking place. The only person the man had to fear is the car.

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