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The New York Jets are preparing to take on the Boston Patriots in Sunday’s AFC West clash at Gillette Stadium. Here’s a few thoughts on the matchup.

New York Jets vs. the Patriots

This isn’t a new matchup, but it is a potential matchup for those who were expecting to see the Jets come out of Sunday’s game with a win, rather than the Patriots playing the way they did against the Baltimore Ravens. It’s still possible with the way both teams are playing, with the Patriots’ defense still struggling and the Jets having their hands full with how to win with Tom Brady and Josh McCown as the starter.

While many Jets fans will probably be disappointed by the outcome, especially if the Jets don’t take advantage of the Patriots’ inability to come out strong, this is likely a matchup that will make for a fun night for the Jets. This is also a matchup that should go a long way toward determining where the Jets will be this season, as the Patriots are going to be coming off a road game against the Texans and it’s not uncommon to see teams with the number 1 overall pick fall down to the Jets’ level.

Both teams are on the thin edge of the playoff picture, but the Patriots are a team that you haven’t seen in the playoffs in quite some time. They had their struggles with the Colts, but also had plenty of games against teams that aren’t playoff worthy (e.g. Cincinnati, Carolina, Washington) and will most likely be facing a much tougher challenge, at the very least, than they did this past week.

The Jets may have the edge, but don’t be shocked if it’s not enough for the Patriots to take this game. Don’t be surprised if the Jets come out with a victory on Sunday but the Patriots will probably still come out on top.

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Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was not in the media room following Friday night’s practice. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

After months of negotiations, the Redskins and former GM Scot McCloughan finally came to terms on a

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