How do you draw a giraffe?

– I don’t! – Well, you could! – Then you could draw a giraffe just like me! – No! Stop it! – Hey, wait a second! Let me draw giraffes with a pen! – No! I drew you with a pen! It could work out great! I’ve got you, giraffe! (He draws a giraffe.) Look at this! This is amazing! Here’s your pen and you’re drawing the giraffe. Now, you can draw any animal you want with me. I can draw you anything. Now let’s switch for a moment. Okay. Can I play a game? Let’s play my game and pretend I’m a giraffe! Let’s see if you can draw a giraffe. Okay, giraffe. Show me. – What do you draw? (He pulls a ball out of his mouth.) – That’s right. A ball. – Where did you get that? (He gets ready to spit on the ball.) – Is that it? (He takes another bite.) – That’s it. That’s good. What about a pen? (He takes the ball out of his mouth.) – What do you draw? (He tries to use it.) That’s it. – Oh, I see what you meant. You’re really good. You can draw pretty good. How do you draw a bullseye? – What would I draw if an ostrich and a giraffe were involved? – The ostrich would be the giraffe. I’ll bet you can draw an ostrich and giraffe better than I can draw an ostrich and a giraffe. (The ostrich laughs.) – Wow. Thank you. Oh, I am glad you found my giraffeside story. – It’s like you said, giraffe. I’ll bet you can draw it better than I can. – Well, I’ll bet you can’t draw a giraffe better than I can. You’re pretty good, giraffeside. Yeah, I think I’m the best. – You’re very good. Now, I think about the giraffe. Do giraffes have the ability to fly? – I don’t know, what do you think? – They don’t fly, but you can have a giraffe. – I’ll bet you can do it better than I can. – How about the ostrich? – The ostrich doesn’t fly, but maybe you can use your imagination, giraffeside.
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