How do you draw a Ford logo? – How To Draw Cars 3 Very Easy Jackson Storm Hauler Launcher

In 2009 he began work on a series of sketches for a new Ford car, then a new logo for the car division that was spun off from Ford. When the concept for an iconic American brand faded from his mind he turned to the Ford logo—and discovered it had a clear and concise narrative, like a film script. There is nothing as good as the narrative you find for any brand.

Is there one Ford logo or design element you would add to the Ford branding that hasn’t been done before?

One big design piece is to put it back together, to make it just the same as it was before. To preserve the spirit of the company, to restore the brand. We’ll need to look hard at everything, but, in the meantime, I’ve found some iconic elements: the two-wheeled car, the car parts that don’t have logos and the colors.

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