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(I love dolphin movies and also love penguins. I just can’t help myself.)


I think a huge part of this is the fact that it’s a long, expansive story with many twists and turns. Even if you didn’t follow the clues like I did, and figured out the whole ending from the beginning, you’d have to spend a great deal of time to get to that point, which means the narrative feels more like a series of flashbacks.

The original Japanese version had clues, and clues are good.

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For as much as I love “Shirobako,” I can’t help but think that having “Kino” and “Kirameki High School” appear at the exact same time and to the same place is a bit arbitrary. But yeah, the anime doesn’t really need those clues.

It’s one of, if not the best, romantic comedy anime in recent memory. Which means that it would have been incredible if the series had followed the “Shirobako formula.”


There’s another example: “Shirobako” is just very bad at being a love story, but that does help when you are trying to follow a really great one from the beginning, which is what I was trying to do with this. The whole premise of the anime was trying to be a “Love” story where the main characters are in love with each other, and then there are all those twists and turns that end up having no bearing on the plot, but still makes you want them to find out more. The original Japanese version does a phenomenal job of that.

But even if you do follow the “traditional” formula, you’re still going to get something that’s really enjoyable. That’s why I keep returning to it. I love that the show has more or less every single piece of the puzzle — the plot, the characters, the settings — in order to build on all that went before, and make something that you’d still want to watch.


That’s why I’m so excited about the “Sister Sister 3D” DVD: that the anime has made me feel like the show could very well have been a film of an anime. It’s so good! It’s so silly, too. I love jokes. I like this character. I love this character gets punched in a good time, I really do.

If you haven’t watched the show,

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