How do you draw a crocodile?

I do not know yet how to draw a crocodile since the language of the crocodile is not known. Since they use tools they have learned all kinds of things. The tools they use to work with the crocodile would be spears and teeth. That is why the crocodile is really different from other reptiles because the crocodile can eat food that is not alive and will not turn poisonous.

You have spent many years on studying snakes. Why do you focus on snakes?

Snake is the mother of all snakes. This is because you can find snakes in many different kinds of shapes and sizes. One time when I got my first crocodile, it was in front of my house in the zoo where I study. I looked for several days and found four or five snakes all together with their eyes. I have always loved snakes.

What is the largest known snake?

That would be the African brown snake, which is the largest known snake. It can grow as high as 50 to 70 feet and weighed up to about 70 pounds.

What are the biggest snakes around?

The largest snakes are in Eastern Siberia and are called the “kurokans.” They come in all shapes and sizes.

Will you ever get it out?

For the moment, yes. Currently, I will have it and take it out, take it back home and have it for dinner for my family and friends. Once it is fully grown, I will have to get another one.

Did it bite anyone?

Of course, it did.

Did you get it?

No, only a couple. When they get the snake out of the cage, it is all the same size, so I cannot get it back now.

How do you identify a snake?

Most of the time, you can see the color of the skin, the size, and the shape. The skin looks black, yellow or white. The size can be either a little larger or a little smaller. That will probably be the most difficult thing for the children to tell the difference.

In Europe, you have the same kind of snakes, but most are white or brown. How do you determine the color of a snake?

For the most part, the color of the skin is not particularly important. The skin is the same as a human and therefore the skin doesn’t matter.

Which snakes are most dangerous to humans?

All of them