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You just make sure to take care of your head.

What is the best part of doing a character study and working on an image? The best part of a character study is that I can draw. I can do all the work that I have in my head. That gives me more control over the drawings. Then I can just work on the sketches. I can draw and color and paint things and do the rest. It is that type of work where I can feel so much more in control. I can make the character work on their own, and get back to that.

You can’t believe everyone thinks you are really a cowboy — how do you deal with it? I am really proud of myself for drawing a cow! (laughs) It’s very funny to see this type of reaction. (laughs) I do get really upset sometimes — at the least they think I am a real cowboy, right? (laughs) I actually am pretty proud of how I draw a cow. So do I really feel a bit of a cowboy? No! I am just a big old goofball. (laughs)

Why do you draw people? I have a very different personality when I draw people then when I draw animals. I have to get into character.

What is your favorite thing about doing illustrations for comics? The thing I like most about it is getting paid by the word. I get paid to go somewhere, do something, and draw. (laughs) That is my favorite part. When I can get paid for it, that is amazing!

What kind of comics have you studied? I have studied a broad variety of comics — not all of which are superheroes, but some that are heroes.

Favorite superhero? Superman. I always wanted to be a hero… I never understood why I wasn’t one, but I never gave up!

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Who should I work for if I have an image of a character and want to find a job? I would say I was a great friend to all of the comics artists that worked for me. I love to work with them.

What kind of comic book did you get into to keep up with your education? Probably The Mighty Spider-Man. I grew up reading a lot of superheroes, and I don’t think I ever really stopped reading about them until this job. I think I can keep up with that sort of thing, now. I love the Marvel Universe!

Favorite superhero? Spider-Man. He is one of

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