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When I was younger, I drew a lot of cars. I would do sketches of cars for my friends in high school. But when I was older, I was more serious and started drawing cars for myself. At this point, I really don’t draw cars at all in my free hours.

There are two things I can always draw: my girlfriend has a pony, and I have his nose.

Any more cars?

I’ve got an old pickup truck, but I have to do it now, because I don’t have enough of his nose anymore. I like the car that much.

What if people call you out of the blue and show you one of their cars?

I’ll always reply with this: “Hey I’ve never met this guy/girl. I’m sorry to hear about your car.” And it’s a “no,” to people, because it’s not in my car at all.

Any hobbies or hobbies that you enjoy?

Hobbies I enjoy are watching movies and watching comedy. I also like reading books a lot, because reading really changes your life. I read a lot of literary fiction, and I also read a lot of political fiction and social commentary.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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This is my first post as a full-time freelance writer! I’ve been wanting to learn the ropes for a while now and writing can make this process a bit easier.

I’ve wanted to make this comic for a while now, but was afraid my skills in graphic design wasn’t good enough. Then I discovered that I actually have a love for graphic design and it was pretty easy to make something I feel comfortable with.
Google's war on potholes as it patents technology for ...

If you’ve ever been into comic books like me, this comic will have absolutely no similarities to

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