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We go over a lot. It’s so important.”

Cox told News 3 the first time he drew a full-body photo, “I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I was just a kid.”

“It was so easy, so you have no idea,” he said. “You just have to think you’re going to draw it. It’s fun watching the animation go in the camera, because I watch a lot of animation.”

Cox, who now works as a commercial model and lives in Orlando, is working on three projects at once.

He’s getting better and better at the video game, which consists of drawing characters in the game, then animating them on film. The next project he’s working on is a movie about the life of Mickey Mouse.

While this is not a huge draw and he’s not sure how we’ll find him in the future, Cox is definitely working on his drawing skills.

“My mom keeps telling me there’s something special in me and I’m still learning, still learning,” he said.

He tells News 3 he’s “about a year and a half” away from drawing a full-body photo.

He said his mom has done her all in life, she never had problems with anything, and that’s the biggest reason why he wants to get into a career like this.

“My mom always said, ‘If you want to do something you’ll have to do a little bit of everything.’ I take that and say I want to do everything. She helped me with everything I was not able to do,” he said.

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Cox also said he has to remember to take pictures with his phone because he forgot what he wanted. That’s a hard pill for many, since most people never take pictures to see how it comes out but Cox’s just a little too big for a camera.

“When I don’t have my phone I just have to use my fingers to draw. But because I can draw with my fingers I can’t go with my phone.”

Cox said when he’s drawing he’s not drawing that person, he’s actually drawing himself.

He said the next step will be going overseas to work as a model and for a few years then try to become an animator.

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