How do I learn to draw realistically? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instruction Kobold

The first step, you need to find your comfort zone. If your work involves a lot of sharp angles, there have probably been times when your eyes just won’t adjust to the medium. In order to learn to draw realistically, you need to find a point in your drawing where that line of sharpness will just stay. So I would say get your comfort zone as realistic as you can, and then get drawn into it!

Is it ok to be too realistic at times?

No. Realist drawings are drawn just the way you like them. This is especially true of cartoons and illustrations. I don’t think you can draw a cartoon with too much realism. It doesn’t always look like the real thing, but it looks real to me.

How should I draw a superhero?

I am not a superhero artist like Bruce Timm. I love Superman, and it seems very fitting for my art. This is how I draw him:

What are some other superheroes, or other popular characters that you’ve drawn?

Superheroes (I don’t like them), are probably what drew me into comics in the first place. Of course, most comics are about superheroes, but that doesn’t mean all superhero comics are bad. There are some nice superhero comics as well such as “Green Lantern” and “Sonic the Hedgehog”. There are also quite a lot of comic books about Batman, but he is a very different character than Superman. Also, I just think that Batman is one of the more relatable superheroes, because you understand what it is like to be Batman or Superman. The stories are also more emotional and real, which is one of the things I really admire in superheroes.

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