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I don’t have a PDF. How can I draw on a PDF?

The best way is to export your PDF to a .PDF or .A5 document. In this case you create a new document, select and copy a single image (or even multiple images), set the canvas size and size. Then select and paste the PDF in you copy/paste application. You can export many PDFs at the same time. If you find yourself having to export more than one document at all time then it might be a good idea to export just the one. It could also be a good idea to save both documents in a local file system.

Note: In Photoshop, you can set an opacity or draw-fill to draw on any page. The image will then be drawn on it to give it an effect. Here’s an example of an image from the paperclip project.

It has been reported that the US government has created a global network of spies, spies, spies in various countries, to monitor all of your online activity.

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This is not a hypothetical. On Monday a US magistrate judge ruled that the NSA was violating plaintiffs’ constitutional rights to privacy in one of the first significant public decisions on the NSA issue.

The case was brought by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and five other groups challenging the NSA’s secret National Security Letters (NSLs) – an attempt to obtain metadata about all of your online activity, including email, search queries, and phone calls. The groups are attempting to get the NSA to stop demanding NSLs in the future.

The ruling by Judge Rosemary Collyer says the plaintiffs believe the NSLs are part of what the Supreme Court has called an unconstitutional “pen register” program that violates a plaintiff’s right to privacy.

Collyer wrote in her 51-page ruling, handed down Monday:

“NSA’s domestic spy program’s existence and existence in fact, have been known to NSA’s domestic spy program’s existence and existence in fact, have been known to the Supreme Court’s FISA court and the president of the United States.”

It was this court decision that allowed the NSA and FBI to collect data on thousands of Americans’ activities.

The NSA’s operations in America have been exposed repeatedly by whistleblowers and leaked documents, but still no criminal charges have been filed. There has been no accountability for the illegal spying. The administration has refused to confirm or deny that the NSLs are still going on

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